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carla dionne woan

I am an african

I am an artist

I am a believer in the God of Creation


Born in Bulawayo, We left the grassy plateaus of Matabeleland, the rocky outcrops of the Matopos and the setting sun of Africa to sojourn to the green and pleasant land of England.


I am a potter who doesn’t tell the clay what to do, 

but listens to its heart beat, working with it to produce a unique piece that says,


I am what  I am.


My travels around the world have inspired me to create three distinct themes-


My African collection depicts the striking colours of the grasses and rock mosses at Matopos,

the golden hues and red african dust that as you gaze upon these works, you can hear the sound of Africa echoing-


I am African

I am unique

I am beautiful


My Malidivian collection comes from my travels to that part of the world where never ending blue seas and white sands whisper-


Can you hear the sound of Heaven

Can you smell my sea washed form.


My English skies and fields depict the looming grey skies which contrast the breathtaking lavender fields,

producing heavenly scents on a summers day.

There is a wonder from this collection that speaks of English beauty in its simplicity but also thunders the voice of-


I am British

I am strong and I will not be crushed.


Golden Thread Pottery pieces are all unique, hand crafted into an art form that has its own value, its own character, its own personality.

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